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Dedicated to the battles of August 1914

In August 1914, violent battles were fought between French and German army units in and around the citadel at Dinant. A century later, the citadel gives the public the opportunity to discover that key moment in our history. One hundred years after the events, the imposing yet poignant setting of the citadel takes modern-day visitors back to the heart of the battles.

There is no need to re-enact conflicts here. On the contrary, the visitor can take the same steps as the soldiers and let his/her imagination fly based on the sounds of the past.

You can discover the first days of the war, and above all the deadly combats, witnessed by the crosses that surround the citadel. Visitors shall remember the European context of the battles fought in Dinant. Above all, and thanks to an interactive model of the citadel and the town, the importance of the site in the armies’ strategies is highlighted, followed by a reconstruction of the successive battles of August 1914.

By air, land or water… we suggest a range of options to visit the Citadel in Dinant.

You can also dive into the history of this monumental structurefrom its origins to the present day. Take a leap back in time and relive the key dates that have marked the history of the town of Dinant.

We also have an educational notebook for youngsters (and not so youngsters!) so you can test your knowledge about the origins of the citadel.

Please contact us for more information on opening hours, reservations and entry fees.

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B-5500 Dinant

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