Hanging on to a rocky outcrop overlooking the town of Dinant, the Citadel was converted into a museum of weapons and history over a century ago. The second town of the Principality of Liège in the Middle Ages, the town of the "Copères" was proud of its "dinanderie" (copperwork) and was associated with the Hanse of Germany.

Reach the inaccessible

To climb up to the Citadel in Dinant, the visitor has a choice between 408 steps (dating from 1577) and/or taking the cable car (1956, refurbished in 1997) to enjoy a stunning view over the town.

Téléphérique de la Citadelle de Dinant
Téléphérique de la Citadelle de Dinant
A large car park (capacity 150 vehicles) behind the Citadel can be accessed from the plateau without clogging up the traffic in Dinant or paying parking meter fees.
Enceinte de la Citadelle de Dinant

Crossing the corridors of time...

Passing through the inside of the "Dutch" citadel, visitors can appreciate the history of Dinant by crossing the corridors of time, literally and figuratively :

  • lthe Sacking of Dinant by Charles the Bold and his troops in 1466,
  • lthe construction of the town fortifications by Vauban, Louis XIV’s genial architect,
  • lthe bayonet fights between French and German soldiers in the Great War,
  • land the massacre of 674 civilians in August 1914...

After a short stay in jail to visit prisoners under a disciplinary regime, visitors will escape the guillotine...

100 metres above the river Meuse, the view will take your breath away...

You will discover scenes from the life of the Dutch garrison (forge, kitchen, bakery) and can put yourself in the shoes of a "poilu" (foot soldier) of the First World War in his trench as he crosses a collapsed shelter... Unbelievable !

Please contact us for more information on the history of one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Wallonia.

La Citadelle de Dinant
La Meuse vue depuis la Citadelle
La Citadelle de Dinant

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